because you also care about the health of the planet!
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As healthcare providers working in student health for a private university, we are very excited to see a company that is researching, providing and manufacturing green products for the medical setting.  This [aligns] perfectly with the reduce waste and be as environmentally sensitive and green as possible.
Mary V., EMT
Student Health Center




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   Your source for earth-friendly health professional supplies-

Welcome to ecoMedSupply, your home for affordable, green products-- for the healthcare setting or anywhere.  

You no longer need to choose between saving money and saving the environment:  Now you can do both! 

ALL of our products are the most eco-friendly available!

Visit our shop now and please keep coming back, since new products are added constantly.

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Together, we can push change by demanding products that:
  • Decrease the use of toxic chemicals
  • Decrease the use of petroleum based products
  • Decrease the volume of medical waste
  • Encourage paper and plastic recycling by buying products made from them
  • Increase demand and therefore supply, of organic products
  • Employ better and less packaging, taking into account issues of manufacturing and transportation

Change is slow, but begins by a lot of people making small changes.
Join us in doing everything possible to alleviate the problem of medical waste by choosing greener healthcare products and ways of working.


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